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I wrote about AppRocket in the past, it’s nice but costs money. Colibri is something I stumbled on recently, it’s just as nice and it’s free.

Software Review for Year 2005

Last year I wrote about a handful of applications I discovered and used during the year. I’m keeping that tradition this year, along with some commentary about 2004′s list.

  • Opera, Safari, Firefox – I’m currently using Safari as my browser, the version bundled with Tiger this year is just as snappy as Camino on last years list. I also use Firefox once-in-a-while, mostly when I need the Web Developer Extension. On a side note, I used Opera for a few months and absolutely loved it. I’ve never seen pages render so fast, I need to revisit it and find out why I neglect it so much.
  • SynergyKM – I use 2 laptops and a desktop system now, with one mouse and keyboard across three monitors. Synergy makes this possible and SynergyKM makes this elegant to use in OS X.
  • menushade – Forgot how I stumbled on this nifty app, it decreases the brightness of the menubar in OS X and makes it not so distracting.
  • Google Earth – Not released for mac yet, but it gets a nod because I peaked at a leaked release and think it’s fantastic. It’s probably equally as fantastic in Windows.
  • iTunes – With the addition of podcast/vidcast support, iTunes is now always running in my dock.
  • HTTPWatch – Similar to the livehttpheaders firefox extension, this displays details of a http session from cookies and post variables to http headers and the content stream.
  • AppRocketI previously mentioned AppRocket, It’s QuickSilver for windows.
  • Mozilla Venkman – Although not mastered yet, Venkman has helped me more than a few times when debugging javascript.
  • WinMerge – Creates a pretty diff.
  • Ethereal – I’d like a native OS X version, and no I don’t want to run fink, dports, X11, etc.
  • Flickr – ‘Nuff said.

Adium, iWork (now iBiz), NetNewsWire, wordpress, and DVArchive were all on my list last year. I use them daily still, so they get props for lasting 2 years. Wonder if they’ll make 3?

Recorded phone calls in iTunes via RSS

calls in itunes via rss

I setup my Asterisk PBX to use the monitor() application to record phone calls. Then I wrote some perl code that generates an iTunes compatible RSS feed, embedding the recorded phone calls as media enclosures.

The result is an archive of my phone calls in iTunes updating automatically via RSS. I think I’ll create a second RSS feed for voicemails…

Update: I’ve had a few requests for the perl that did this for me. Follow on through for the goodies.

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Quicksilver for MS Windows

If you’re like me and need to use MS Windows (even if infrequently), check out AppRocket. It’s quicksilver for Windows.

Hatred (Part 2)

A sign that the Operating System you are using is junk:

If it maintains snapshots of itself so that you can ‘go back’ to a ‘known working image’ of your computer.