Monthly Archives: November 2004

flickr plugin for wordpress

Flickr gallery plugin for wordpress.

This looks like it may soon be suitable enough to get my gallery moved from ids to a cool third party, flickr.

somtimes 1 cord is not enough

1cord of wood

RSS and Aggregator’s and Wiki’s, oh my

I am a recent convert from “blogs in tabs” to a RSS aggregator called NetNewsWire. Because of this instead of reading 5-10 different websites a day I can now quickly (almost as fast as I can read mail in pine) scan through almost 80 different subscriptions.

One of the coolest ways I’ve been able to integrate NetNewsWire into my life is by utilizing the RSS feeds that are built into PHPwiki. Now when an article is modified on our corporate wiki I get a nice link and summary.

Now if I could only convince the last two remaining blogs that I read that don’t have RSS/syndication: Nick Finck and Digital Butterfly.

MySQL: The table is full.

I am spending my evening repairing a MySQL table. I was going to document here on the problem and the resolution, but Jeremy Zawodny has already done so on his blog.

So in short, if you are getting errors about your mysql table being full, this is more than likely the fix.

Devil’s Peak 2004

devils peak 2004 header

Went up to Devil’s Peak with Josh this past weekend. More information about the trail here and here. View my pictures be clicking on the shelter below.

Route:  Cool Creek Trail (#794)
Length:   3.5 Miles
Elevation Gain:  3200 Feet
Difficulty:  Difficult